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Who we are


Blaze Konkol

Experience and Approach

Blaze guides professionals and family businesses to have the productive conversations that need to be had. These conversations often address underlying relationship dynamics, and development opportunities, which can obstruct or propel success.  His approach enables clients to disentangle intent and impact in ways that validate and move forward.  


With more than 20 years of experience leading teams in corporate and higher education organizations, Blaze has led global teams to develop and implement strategies critical to organizational success. Blaze has served as the Senior Director of Career Management at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In that role he led a global coaching team responsible for the development, design, and implementation of leadership and career development workshops and coaching for approximately 1,800 students in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong and alumni around the world. Prior to joining Booth Blaze worked at Deloitte in a variety of training facilitation, coaching, and talent development roles in the U.S. and Australia. In his last role as Senior Manager and Leader of the Leadership Coaching services area, he created an internal coaching practice that focuses on designing and delivering leadership development training supported by individual coaching with partners, directors, and senior managers.

Education and Certifications

Blaze has undergraduate degrees in English and History from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. He is certified in Korn Ferry Leadership Architect and Korn Ferry 360. He is certified in Hogan Assessments, Leadership Versatility Index, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Blaze is also a provisionally certified Crucial Conversations trainer. He serves as a coach in the Next Generation Leadership Institute at the Loyola Family Business Center and with the Hogan Assessment coach network.


Why do I do this work?

I have always sought to better understand the human condition; what compels us, where we get stuck, and how we grow forward. Working with family businesses is among the richest places for this exploration as it includes central contributors to our identity – family and work. I enjoy helping individuals and families clarify their intention, engage in productive conflict, and finding more effective pathways forward.


Blaze Konkol | 773 540 6010 |

Leigh Rocklin

Leigh Rocklin

Experience and Approach
Leigh believes that to help her clients move past old belief systems, use their best qualities and overcome skill deficits, she must understand their personal motivation and values. After helping her clients prioritize their objectives, she develops strategies that identify and emphasize their strengths to increase their impact at work and make them better leaders and team members.

Tailoring her approach to the unique needs, aspirations and dynamics of each client, Leigh helps them realize their individual goals and overcome the obstacles that impede their progress. After gaining an understanding of each client’s relational patterns and personal motivators, Leigh helps them enact meaningful and sustainable change. 

Through her experience as an educator, counseling psychologist and working in the corporate world, Leigh developed a well-rounded skillset that helps her address both psychological and business needs.  Leigh runs a private practice at Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy. She also works with family-owned businesses through Loyola’s Family Business Center and independently. Leigh has worked with women at Northwestern University’s Women’s Center, facilitated bereavement programs at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and has taught and supervised Counseling Psychology Masters students at Northwestern University.

Education and Certifications

Leigh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Economics from the University of Michigan, her Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Loyola University and her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. She is a licensed therapist and is certified to administer personality and feedback assessments.

Why Do I Do This Work?

“Growing up in a family focused on corporate and family business dynamics instilled a passion for helping people identify what’s most meaningful in their lives. I’m excited at the opportunity to help people develop their skills to fulfill that meaning and be more effective in their careers.”

Leigh Rocklin | 847 778 2387 |


Fraser Clark

Experience and Approach

Fraser brings over 35 years of business experience and a warm, upbeat, and rigorous perspective to individual coaching and family facilitation.  He believes that individuals and teams should never stop growing, discovering new solutions and untapped potential. Fraser’s approach is grounded in a well-rounded fact base, employing a variety of formal assessments and stakeholder input, an exploration of the current context and challenges, and deep self-reflection. Using the fact base, he and his clients then distill personal insights that lead to new perspectives, more highly effective behaviors and, ultimately, better business results. Fraser coaches and facilitates nationally across a wide array of sectors including consumer package good, health care, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and finance.  


Fraser’s strong business background enables him to speak his clients’ technical and corporate language, which makes discussions about company challenges and dynamics more productive. His psychological training helps him work with clients to gain a clear picture of their current state of mind and career position to establish a path forward. As Vice President of Strategy and Development at Kraft, Inc., Fraser headed several flagship consumer businesses and new product initiatives. He led and facilitated teams in strategic analysis, innovation and change management. Fraser was also the co-founder and owner of a specialty custom-furniture retailer, Sawbridge Studios, from which he gained a firsthand understanding of the challenges involved with starting and growing a business.

Education and Certifications

Fraser has degrees in business from the University of Michigan and counseling psychology from the Adler School of Psychology. He facilitates and coaches at Loyola University’s Family Business Center working with the Next Generation Leadership Institute and Family Business Stewardship Institute. He is also as an executive coach at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and serves as Master Faculty for Korn-Ferry for leadership competencies, 360 feedback, emotional intelligence, and high potential assessment. Fraser is also a member of the Hogan coaching network and certification facilitator.

Why Do I Do This Work?

“I believe in investing in people. Throughout my career I have seen many great ideas, strategies and plans succeed or fail based individual leadership, group communication, and family unity. Family strength can be a source of competitive advantage for family businesses. I feel honored to support them on their journey.”

Fraser Clark | 312 446 4401 |


Linda Balkin

Experience and Approach
Linda’s approach to executive and team development blends a business, fact-based orientation with insight, empathy and humor. She works with clients who are often facing significant change – a bigger role, a shift in business complexity, a new team, an acquisition, a leadership succession. Throughout the coaching process, clients feel challenged and supported, while they expand their capacity to address these ever-changing complexities and dynamics. As a thought partner, Linda helps clients deepen self-awareness, adjust and leverage executive presence, and build critical leadership capabilities that drive performance. Her clients find her to be creatively resourceful and committed to creating lasting positive change that increases both their leadership success and fulfillment.


Linda gained insight into what makes leaders successful and what hinders their progress through her experience in strategy development and retained executive search. As a Director at an information start-up, she delivered business strategies and grew the consulting business. She then shifted her focus to talent and people strategy. In her role as a Principle in two retained search firms, she placed executives and built leadership teams for a range of clients, from high growth start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Linda’s commitment to this work stems from seeing the significant impact a leader can have on people and business results. She believes that when leaders continuously learn and grow, it creates a positive ripple effect throughout the organization.

Education and Certifications

Linda has a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan. She is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and The Coaches Training Institute. She is certified in numerous personality and 360 feedback assessments. Additionally, Linda serves as a coach in several of Kellogg’s executive education programs, including the Advanced Manager’s Program and Leading Family Enterprises. She is also the Lead Coach and Faculty-Coach Liaison for the Zell Fellows program, Kellogg’s flagship entrepreneurship program.

Why Do I Do This Work?

“It is all about people evolving into the best version of who they are and aspire to be – for their organizations, families and communities. I am passionate about helping clients believe in themselves, crystallize what’s important and expand their capabilities so they can move forward towards greater fulfillment and effectiveness.”

Linda Balkin | 630 240 6718 |

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