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What we Do

Family Business Succession Advisors understands the challenges family businesses experience turning the page and helps them to write their next chapter.


Staying together without coming apart. Navigating between equal and fair. Moving closer through the conversation we were afraid to have.


Determining succession plans and negotiating them into being is unique for each family business. As seasoned business and psychologically attuned professionals, we guide families to have the productive conversations that need to be had. These conversations often address underlying family relationship dynamics which can obstruct or propel business and family success. As such, the process of working through productive conflict and to sincere alignment is fundamental to the governance structures, or other formal agreements and solutions created.


Our process assesses the situation, establishes priorities, and then facilitates the family’s alignment in pursuit their goals.


Each generation, in its turn, is a link between all that has gone before and all that comes after. That is true genetically, and it is equally true in the transmission of identity. Our parents gave us what they were able to give, and we took what we could of it and made it part of ourselves. If we know our grandparents, and even great-grandparents, we will have taken from them what they could offer us, too. All that helped to make us who we are. We, in our turn, will offer what we can of ourselves to our children and their offspring.

- Fred Rogers

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