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Our process blends our experience and expertise with the unique circumstances of each family business. We follow a process of discovery, understanding context, determining goals and pathways to achieve them.

Family Business Consulting


“The voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

- Marcel Proust

Exploration & Alignment

Conduct a kick-off meeting. Explore issues, opportunities, outcomes and deliverables. Establish ground rules; discuss boundaries and confidentiality. How do you work best together? Talk about next steps and timelines.

Situational Analysis

Gather background information; interview family members, distill key messages and review past/current work relevant to goals.

Goals & Action Plans

Consolidate results and report findings to key stakeholders. Align goals with action plan (both one-on-one and as a family). Revisit family support and commitment; agree on next steps.

Build communication and conflict skills

Develop family cohesion

Implementation & Accountability

Create robust individual/family action plans. Report on individual and family progress; revise and adjust as needed.


Develop shared focus

Align around engagement purpose and goals, key stakeholders, process, and expectations

Current state assessment

Create a fact-based picture of performance strengths and opportunities using 360 feedback and/or personality assessment

Action planning and commitment

Build a customized plan for development


Regular meetings fostering accountability and providing resources and support for goal attainment


Assess developmental progress with client and key stakeholders

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